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Beginning with the ancient art of encaustic painting, incorporating beeswax mixed with tree resin, I then add oil paints, rust printed paper, found objects and constructed materials into my work.

Below are some examples.

Please get in touch (contact details at the base of the page) if you are interested in purchasing or commissioning my work

sighting stable ground

24" x 36"

but they will look at you

30" x 30"

looking for evidence

24" x 20"

there's no such thing as fair

20" x 20"

touching lost

20" x 20"

a time of quickening

20" x 20"

dreaming beginnings

24" x 24"


24" x 30"


10" x 10"


12" x 12"


12" x 12"

the wind is delicious

30" x 30"